Here’s The Best ‘Borderlands 3’ Character For Solo Players

I am going to be writing a whole bunch about Borderlands 3 now that we’ve actually arrived at launch day here, putting my two early weeks with the game to good use. One question I’ve gotten already more than most is from people wondering which is the best class or character to solo the game with. Obviously Borderlands is one of the last major co-op shooters out there that also employs split-screen, and it’s fun to play with friends or even matchmade teams at times. And yet a ton of people are probably going to be doing at least their first run mostly solo because well, not everyone has the ability to perfectly sync a 25+ hour story campaign among friends.

I will say up front that I definitely think it’s possible to solo the campaign with any character. I haven’t made my way to ultra-endgame level 50+ stuff yet, so the solo equation may change down the line, but my point is, if you really, really want to use a character, don’t let this guide stop you. I’ve played solo with all four and it’s doable, it’s just that some characters seem better than others when it comes to their solo potential.

So, here’s the list, starting with the best.