Jeunesse Review – Is this skincare MLM a scam?

1.) What is Jeunesse? Jeunesse is an MLM skincare company. It was founded in 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis.

2.) What does Jeunesse sell? Jeunesse primarily sells anti-aging skincare products. They also sell a variety of other health supplements full of antioxidants and vitamins meant to delay aging and prolong your youthful look.

3.) Who are the founders of Jeunesse? Randy Ray is CEO and co-founder of Jeunesse. He has degrees in both computer science and psychology. Prior to Jeunesse, Randy was CEO of other non-MLM companies. He is married to the other co-founder, Wendy Lewis. Wendy Lewis has run several businesses with her husband before founding Jeunesse.

4.) What are Jeunesse’s most popular products? Jeunesse’s most popular products are Luminesce (anti-aging skin cream), Instantly Ageless (also an anti-aging skin cream), and RESERVE (resveratrol-focused supplement).

5.) How do I become a Jeunesse associate? First, you need a referral code from a current Jeunesse distributor. You’ll then need to spend $29.95 to get you starter kit which includes your retail website as well as back-office functions for business management and reporting. There are pricier starter kits that provide more resources as well. You must pay a $19.95 renewal fee each year to maintain distributor status, but maintaining a certain amount of auto-ship sales waives your renewal fee.

6.) How do Jeunesse associates earn? Primarily through product sales and bonuses. When an associate advances to Distributor, they can being recruiting more associates for more earnings.

7.) Can I buy products at wholesale prices without being an associate? Yes, you can be a Wholesale Customer. If you stop choosing to sponsor or earn commissions for 90 days, you’ll be converted to a Wholesale Customer. You can then buy products at wholesale price for personal use.

8.) Is Jeunesse a scam? Jeunesse is not a scam. The products work well and the compensation plan is strong.

9.) What is Jeunesse’s BBB rating? A.

10.) Comparable companies: Mary Kay, Arbonne, Amway

11.) Recommended? Yes, they are a decent MLM to work with.